PINK AFFAIR – Anima Iris


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and for me it's a very personal one. I named this brand after my mother, Iris Tsamoh. My mother was the greatest person I ever knew. It was her sense of style that encouraged me to develop my own. It was her entrepreneurial mindset, hustle, and intellect that I inherited. It was her undeniable power, her kindness, her warmth, her presence, and her spirit that forever changed and impacted every person she ever encountered.

When I was 8 years old, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the years, I stood by my mother's side as the disease came, left, returned, and spread. Though my mother endured the unimaginable, she always found a way to find the beauty in life despite battling a disease so determined to take her own.

She fought for 13 years. Some days I think about how incredible that is and I feel grateful that she was alive long enough to rear my sisters and I into the women that we are today. In November 2017, she passed. Her loss is one that I will never fully understand and am still coming to terms with. However, ensuring that her legacy remains alive through Anima Iris and that people know her name and her story means more to me than words can express.

So this October, I want to make sure we celebrate my mother for all that she was. I also want to make sure that I extend the love my mother instilled in me to other women who are battling breast cancer. For years, my mother was treated at the Philadelphia Cancer Treatment Center of America. Together, she and I spent many days, nights, and weekends there. That center did so much to extend my mother's life and I want to give back to the women patients who are currently battling breast cancer.

My mother was born on February 14th. So for every "Pink Affair" order placed this month, we will allocate 14% of proceeds towards a gift for these women at the center. At the beginning of November, I will share the gift with you and I will personally deliver the gift myself.

Finally, to any person who has a parent, a loved one, or a friend who is battling any kind of disease, I extend my heart to you.