The Anima Iris Story


"When we are children, we have questions. When we become adults, we are encouraged to find answers." - Wilglory, CEO/Founder

Taking its name after Iris Tsamoh, Wilglory’s mother and Sarah Yaa Anima Amoyaw, Wilglory’s closest childhood friend, Anima Iris is a modern brand that pulls inspiration and strength from the matriarchs of its past. Like the palm oil reds of Cameroon’s traditional Bamileke cloth, or the notable geometric shapes of Ghana’s kente, Africa’s bold history is reflected in the molds of our pieces.


Every piece in the Anima Iris collection is carefully handcrafted by seasoned professionals in Dakar, Senegal. With centuries old African craftsmanship at the tip of their fingers, our artisans add a touch unrivaled in quality and attention to detail to create limited edition pieces. We partner with local Senegalese business owners to acquire materials and our leathers are sourced in limited quantities. In keeping with our promise to sustainability, throughout the manufacturing process we utilize a zero-waste model. This ensures that no two creations are the same and no material is wasted.


Named after a Cameroonian national and second generation Ghanaian, we are a marriage of the things that have been and still are yet to be, an ever-evolving, evocative and elaborate brand that has never shied away from displaying the vibrancy of our collective backgrounds. In a world of muted leathers and prescribed social norms, Anima Iris pushes the confines. It is unafraid, emboldened, outspoken, and emblematic of the women who carry it. With a clutch on her past and a clear vision for her future, the Anima Iris woman leads the way.