“When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens,” Phylicia Rashad

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women whether social, cultural, economic and political while also focusing attention on the injustices and inequities that they face on a daily basis in the professional setup.

As we celebrate women globally, we’d like to start at home. If you have been following the Anima Iris Community online, It should come as no surprise that the Anima Iris brand is run by a team of women and it’s about time the Iris Community got to know more about us.

Wilglory: Founder 

We all know our Founder and Creative Director, Wilglory. She is as determined and as driven as they get. We are still stunned by how she manages to balance running a business, studying for her MBA and leading a functional yet remote team. Her mission to bring her African heritage to the forefront and reinvent the perception of “luxury” sold us and we had to join in. Also, the knowledge she shares with us from her lectures is a bonus. Let’s just say, we are all in Wharton. Whoever said, work hard and play hard should CC Wilglory, immediately!

Recent Binge: Bridgerton. 

Have you seen the Spring/Summer 21 Collection campaign? Pure excellence! #blackwomeninluxury

Azline Nelson: Chief Marketer and Head Strategist

Azline Nelson 
Azline is our newest member. She oversees Anima Iris’s marketing and advertising while also generating strategies for the company in order to ensure successful and thoughtful growth and customer engagement. Her organizational skills and love for numbers have played a major role in elevating the whole team’s efficiency. And she really loves books!

Recent Binge: YOU.

Cynthia: Co-Brand Manager


Naija in the house!!! Cynthia, who is based in Nigeria, is a Brand Manager and Communication Strategist who builds well-placed brands to meet business goals through creative campaigns, digital marketing and customer experience. Her ability to go above and beyond gives the team confidence in her work. Whatever she is up to, she’s got it handled! 

Recent Binge: The Magicians

Aduh: Co-Brand Manager

And then there’s me. Hi, I’m Aduh. While based in Kenya, I am a Digital Professional with significant experience in curating, writing and editing content for both print and digital media. I work very closely with Cynthia to manage the Anima Iris community experience on social media, websites and email marketing through newsletters. As a creative I see content everywhere, typical millennial behaviour. And that’s how I contribute to the team.

Recent Binge: New Girl for the second time lol.

I view Anima Iris as a well-oiled machine. Every part plays its role and that makes the others move with ease. The story of how we all came to meet will always be one for the books. 

In simple terms, we are one team of empowered women working together to disrupt the fashion industry as we know it. 

Empowered Women, Empower Women.